How Is Vertical VAR Different

Many ISVs struggle with providing hardware to support their software solutions. Generally, companies evaluate and choose one of several alternatives.

Originally ISVs used internal departments. These departments gave ISVs a sense of control over their hardware channel, but came with a host of challenges. These challenges included constantly changing hardware and software requirements, managing personnel outside of the core business focus and most importantly, the profitability and margin drag hardware contributes.

A second approach many ISVs take is to abdicate responsibility for its customer’s hardware needs and leave support to the marketplace. While alleviating the issues above, new problems are introduced. Geographically based resellers may have hardware skills, but because the ISV may have only one or two installs within the reseller’s marketplace, the reseller has little or no knowledge of the software. This can cause tremendous problems and downtime during upgrades and migrations, leading to customer dissatisfaction, often directed at a single perceived “system”. Further, the reseller’s goals may not be aligned with the ISV, and are often in conflict.

Now another approach being tried is engaging in multiple partnerships across a number of resellers. Again, this approach introduces new issues, two particularly; value is spread so thin no one is dedicated to working together, and the partner problem of having no single source of responsibility.

Vertical VAR has an alternative approach to address these challenges. We work closely with our ISV partners, giving the hand in glove support of a captive department, while providing a strong financial model which improves ISV metrics. We know your software, people, systems and objectives, and work with you to ensure the superior satisfaction of your customer base.

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